Online marketing is constantly changing. Not only is there traditional search engine optimisation and Google AdWords, but there is Facebook advertising, advertising on cellphone apps and many other forms of internet marketing. The IABNZ gives you access to digital marketing research and ensures you are abreast of current interactive media issues and trends.
Advertisers who do not sell online advertising but use it as part of their marketing mix or are interested in including it as part of their marketing can join the IABNZ for free.
An Advertiser Membership will provide you with full access to the IABNZ Online Advertising Expenditure Reports, free seats at IABNZ events and access to a number of member reports. Advertiser Membership is for organisations and is not an individual membership.

Advertising Agency

If you are an Advertising agency such as - creative, strategy planners, media planning and buying agencies, then you need to belong to the IAB.
Being an IABNZ Member gives you access to research such as our Online Overview, NZ Mobile Overview, Smartphone Users Survey, Online Shoppers Survey, Online Advertising Trends and much more. Membership ensure you are party to important interactive media issues.
Take part in our industry-leading seminars, featuring key figures in interactive advertising. You can participate in our Agency Council discussions and shape policy and be part of the collective voice as the IABNZ provides a forum to determine direction and drive the NZ interactive advertising industry forward.
The IABNZ board and council members are in regular communication with major advertisers through our Brand Council. We market interactive advertising so everyone can benefit!


For Publishers joining and working with IABNZ is an opportunity to play an active role in the world’s fastest growing advertising medium - interactive. The IAB's role is to work for and with companies with interactive business interests to help the industry to grow and mature, and to help members increase their profits.
The rewards of becoming a member are wide-ranging and can benefit you and your company immediately and in the long term. IABNZ is part of an international group of IAB organisations around the world, providing access to a range global resources.


Programmatic in NZ is 48% of Display Revenue for Q3 2018